Testing and the Problem Archive

Now that you created an account and solved a problem, the next step is to see if your code works correctly. You do this by running your problem against the so called "System tests".

That’s it! You now have a free TopCoder account and you successfully solved and submitted your first problem. From here on, the sky’s the limit.

The Problem Archive

Before we go, there’s one more priceless resource that we want to make sure you know about: the Problem Archive. The Problem Archive is where you can discover lots and lots of problems by topic and by difficulty.

In this section we covered all that is needed to start using TopCoder. You saw how to create an account, browse, solve and test problems. You also saw the problem archive, which contains tons of problems. You just need to have Java installed on your machine so that the Arena applet can run on it.

You’re all set & we’re leaving you in the competent hands of TopCoder. Enjoy your time!


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