Preparation Plans

What is the purpose of the preparation plans?

When preparing for tech interviews it is often really hard to find a good starting point. There are plenty of materials available online. However, given the limited time you have before your next interview, it is vital to have a solid preparation plan. This is why we've compiled two such plans depending on your current skills and the time you have.

Naturally, if your knowledge is scarcer you would need to devote more time in order to get in good shape. This means that you would have to master some theory. A lot of reading and practice goes into this! More seasoned interview candidates with good experience need a refresher of their knowledge and skills. In addition to that, almost all candidates need to learn some vital interview strategies in order to show their best at the interviews.

What are the plans like?

Given all that, we have two separate plans. One is for beginners, people who feel like they need to substantially improve their knowledge in algorithms and system design. After they achieve that, they can continue with mastering the interview format itself. The other preparation plan is for the experts. It focuses more on practice in order to refresh any rusty skills relevant for the tech interviews. It also pays attention to the specifics of the interviews. Many experienced candidates fail not because their skills are bad but simply because they are not well-prepared for the format of a tech interview.

What's next?

Feel free to take a look at both preparation plans and choose the one that suits you best. In case that you need a more personalized approach, we are always available for a consultation and can build you a training plan that matches your current situation.

Good luck and have fun while preparing!


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