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Do you want to get a job at a top tech company like Google, Amazon, Microsoft?

If you know someone who already works there, that’s great: just send them your CV and they’ll put you in touch with a technical recruiter.

But what if you don’t?

Every day, companies get flooded with CVs. The volume is so high that they literally can’t process them all, leaving a large pile of great CVs sitting around and waiting to get discovered.

This doesn’t feel right. There is a huge need for talented developers and it’s terribly inefficient for all these CVs to sit around, unprocessed.

The HiredInTech Recruitment Program aims to change this. We try to dramatically increase the chances of good candidates to get their dream jobs.

Here’s how it works

  •   You upload your CV and tell us what you’re looking for
  •   We regularly review all CVs and forward the best ones to the right recruiters or engineering managers at the tech companies
  •   You get referred directly to technical recruiters
  •   The tech companies get high-quality pre-vetted talent
  •   It’s a win-win
  •   It’s FREE.

Note: Because of the enormous interest in the HiredInTech Recruitment Program, we cannot always personally respond to every application.


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