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Whether it's in the form of search engines, social networks, mobile phones, or self-driving cars, software is all around us – and it's truly amazing. We simply can't wait to see what exciting new technology the next generation of programmers is going to build.

We help programmers get their dream jobs.

HiredInTech is the definitive resource for mastering technical interviews. The site is packed with content that we've been using for years, but are releasing to the world at large for the first time. And it's free - as in free beer.

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Cool! So how do I get started?

First, look around the site and see if something catches your eye. There are plenty of free resources waiting to be watched, read, downloaded or solved. Check out our Algorithm Design and System Design sections to get started.

Then, what we recommend is to pick one of our preparation plans and run with it. Each preparation plan is targeted at a specific group of people, so make sure you fit into that group. The plans contain a mix of algorithm theory, interview theory, and multiple kinds of practice that will get you in shape in no time.

Whatever you do, make sure you have fun.

Preparing for a technical interview could be a highly enjoyable and addictive experience if you follow the right steps (which you will at HiredInTech).

Let's get going!


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